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Living Room Decor – Before & After

One of our clients reached out because she was having some last-minute company to her house, and although they had an awesome base to start with, she didn’t feel like her living room was “finished” enough for guests. She asked us to come and restyle the room using art and accessories that she already owned. Corey to the rescue! Corey’s one of our designers, and he is a genius when it comes to styling spaces.

Here is a “before” photo. Lots of great pieces to work with!


Here is the finished space. Corey began by arranging the existing furniture pieces to allow for a more intimate gathering. By bringing side tables in, and moving the two occasional chairs together and closer to the sofa, conversation can flow more easily, and everyone has a spot to place drinks.


Next up: accessorizing! When it comes to styling bookshelves, Corey uses what he calls the “Rule of 85/15.” That’s 85% books and 15% accessories. This keeps things natural and simple, without looking contrived. He filled the shelves with books from around the home, and then layered in fun treasures that the family had collected during their travels.

The finishing touch to styling any space, especially for a social gathering, is fresh flowers – they are a great (and inexpensive) way to bring life into any room. We always love hydrangeas!



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