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Project Spotlight: West Meade Kitchen Renovation

We recently completed a kitchen renovation for a client in West Meade, and we are excited to to share some photos, along with details on the project.

With the kitchen as the center of this family’s home, our goal was to give their kitchen a fresh and functional update. To begin, the client requested some changes to their existing kitchen – updated crown molding, hardware, countertops, appliances, sinks and faucets. In addition, they wanted to replace all of the hardwoods on their first floor and make some minor repairs on their perimeter cabinetry. Some of the more major updates included adding storage to their island, creating a built-in banquette to incorporate their table into the design, and designing a wet bar to allow moving their ice maker out of the main kitchen area. They were also interested in changing their overhead lighting and finding a place for a built-in television.



Dark cabinetry added weight to the original space. By updating the cabinet door style and giving the original cabinet frames a fresh coat of paint, natural light illuminates the kitchen. The existing perimeter cabinet boxes were kept, since they were in good condition, so the addition of this clean door style was all that was needed. The gray cabinets play nicely with the natural stone backsplash, which replaced stainless steel backing in areas of the existing kitchen. Capping the perimeter of the kitchen in a dark quartz countertop keeps everything grounded. In addition, a custom hood was created to keep the flow of cabinetry from being broken up.

Leschen kitchen 3

The island was transformed with a more streamlined look, increasing functionality of the space with an attached banquette for dining seating. It was completely rebuilt to improve the amount of storage, making it more suitable to the family’s needs. By adding large drawers to the central work space in the kitchen, everything can easily stay organized. Outlets are incorporated into the design, so the island can act as a hub for laptop computer use. The butcher block countertop adds warmth.


Leschen kitchen 5

This wet bar was added to a small niche just off the kitchen. This addition not only broadens the kitchen area, but also keeps the centers of the kitchen separated so the family is not stepping on each other’s toes. The space was designed to move the ice machine, and it creates a pretty vingnette as you enter the side door.

Photos by McGinn Photography.

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