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People often ask, when is the best time to get a designer involved? Our simple answer: as soon as possible! In particular, using a designer during new home construction can give you a better idea of the length of time for your project, as well as help with budgeting for special finishes and fixtures. We love working on new construction projects, as it gives our clients the opportunity to select everything exactly as they want, from the very beginning! We can assist with selections for anything that goes on the interior or exterior of a house.


Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck

We help clients with selections and design without having to rely solely on the builder and the standard materials they use. For example, a designer can assist with tile selection and layout in a master bathroom that will guarantee a custom space. Specialty designs, like accent panels or the bold stripe pictured below, can be coordinated by the designer throughout the pre-construction and construction process.



Photos by Gieves Anderson

An interior designer can help with selections for plumbing fixtures, hardware, and lighting, too. With these decisions made early in the process, special details can be accounted for, like a single pendant over an island.


Photo by Gieves Anderson

In a much-used room, like a kitchen, the designer can make sure the layout is functional for your particular work flow and needs. Decisions on cabinetry and countertop materials can be guided by the designer, based on years of expertise and knowledge of the best materials for different applications. Other special details, like open shelving, can be added to the design, and we can help with styling in the end.


Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck

Other details, like applied molding, are best done during the construction stage. A design can be drawn up that is specific to the particular room or house to ensure a well-thought out trim plan.


Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck

An interior designer can assist in the design and layout of custom built-ins and closets. A mudroom can be added near a rear or side entrance with storage and seating to give items a place to land when arriving home. Closets and pantries can be custom designed for functionality and aesthetics, according to each room in the home.


Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck


Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck

Overall, using an interior designer in the building process will ensure that your new home is built exactly for you and your needs. And once the home is complete, having a designer who already knows your style and family will make the furnishings and finishing stages easier!

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