2020 Holiday Ornaments

Here are a few of our favorite ornaments this holiday season – sources below! Space sloth; 2. Brownstone house; 3. Whimsical giraffe; 4. Swirled marble ornament; 5. Skiing cheetah; 6. Glass swirl ornament; 7. Ballerina bird; 8. Monogram ornament; 9. Gold bell, set of 3; 10. Confetti dog


It’s finally the week of Valentine’s Day! Still need a gift idea for your sweetheart? We’ve got you covered. Resources below! 1. Dusty pink pillow (available through Sara Ray Interior Design); 2. Pink & grey pillow (available at Sara Ray Interior Design showroom); 3. I love you brass hand (available through Sara Ray Interior Design); 4. Apothecary…

2018 Holiday Ornaments

Christmas is literally right around the corner! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ornaments this year. Sources below! Painted bell; 2. Fancy flamingo; 3. Jewelry tree; 4. Sailor mouse; 5. Ceramic unicorn; 6. Flying squirrel; 7. Ombre ball; 8. Festive pooch; 9. Shaggy llama; 10. Metal rainbow; 11. Cozy house; 12. Painted nutcracker; 13. Smiling turtle; 14. Golden octopus; 15. Winter dog  

2017 Holiday Ornaments

December’s here, and holiday decorating is in full swing! Here are a few of our favorite ornaments this year. Sources below! Glass balloon dog; 2. Brass fragments; 3. Hand-painted globe; 4. Emperor penguin; 5. Felted Santa mouse; 6. Pink cloud; 7. Porcelain swan; 8. Coral cluster; 9. Silver starburst; 10. Felted sloth; 11. Dipped glitter drop; 12. Gold tassel; 13. Majestic tassels; 14. Ombre ball; 15. Two tone metal tree;…